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Yheizzi (JC) Owen

  • Life Coach

Yheizzi (JC) Owen

  • Life Coach

Do you need more joy in your life and your world? So many challenges can set our dreams off course: chronic pain, complex relationships, life as a new immigrant, the pandemic that’s pulled the rug out from under us all. You are here to be a light in this world, but modern life seems to have other plans.

I sense what you are going through because I have been there myself. I arrived in America, and not only couldn’t I speak the language, I was also alone, I didn’t know a soul. There were countless lonely, seemingly impossible days as I mastered the language, built a career, and started a family. Difficulties arose that I felt unequipped to handle, chief among them for me, was chronic pain. To find my joy, I learned to navigate this pain, which led me on my spiritual journey.

Through my studies, I have come to understand that the challenges we face are gifts. We can get past our obstacles and emerge stronger. There are numerous tools we can access. I have devoted my life to learning about and using these tools to harness the power inside me, and I can guide you to do the same.

Whether the pain in your life is physical or emotional, I see you. Whatever is holding you back, my goal as a coach is to be there for you as someone who understands and has your best life at heart. I want to be of service in guiding you as you harness your power and find your joy.

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