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How to Find the Right Coach Training School from the Perspective of a Jay Shetty Certification School Alumnus

For some, deciding which way to go is as easy as pie; for others, it’s not that simple.

The fact is, regardless of whether you are an analytical person or a gut feeling mover, you need to cover the bases before jumping in. If you want to make a good choice, you might want to do some research.

I would like to share with you some personal stories and my top four points to consider before deciding on a coach training school.


The School Founder

Before you sign up at a school, you might want to check if you know anyone who has studied there or if there is anyone who can put in a good word about the founders that can back up the institution.

I discovered the Jay Shetty Certification School (JSCS) through the Pathway to Life Coaching Program I saw on Jay Shetty’s social media. A very good friend of mine had told me about Jay Shetty– I was just at the beginning of my journey of self-discovery and spirituality, and I was intrigued by the fact that he had been a monk, and by all the things I was reading on the internet about him. I followed him for around eight months, so when I first heard about the school, I already had a good sense of who he was. I believe that finding out about Jay and the Jay Shetty Certification School was divine intervention. Everything was aligned with what I wanted and resonated with me. When the moment came, it was easy to jump in and join.

The Main Decisions

Everyone has their own way of doing things. There are thousands of ways you can go about how you make decisions. But what are your must-haves? Are you clear on them?

When I decided to become a life coach, I had this new universe to explore – from how to become a coach to what kinds of certifications there are, what requirements I needed to make sure I was complying to be able to work in my country, how many hours a program like this needs to be, how much it costs, whether I need supervision, and whether I need to be certified.

I have to admit this to you: I’m not a person who takes too much time to decide on what I want. I take a look, I check the points I feel I need to make sure I’m making a good decision, and then I leave the rest to my instincts. I always trust my intuition.

I was doing all of those background checks, and at the same time, I was watching Jay’s Pathway to Life Coaching Program. After a day or two, I had all the boxes checked. Looking back, I feel like the pathway program was a big factor in my decision to enroll in the Jay Shetty Certification School because it taught me more about coaching as a career. And by doing all the exercises Jay invited us to, I got more clarity. By the end of it, boom! I had this feeling telling my whole body that this was it! I don’t know how to explain it, but from that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Jay Shetty Certification School.


Community Support

If you are reading this article, it means you are considering joining a coach training school. As much as some of us like to fly solo, when it comes to learning and training to be a coach, we could all walk that extra mile faster if we had someone there to support us, right?

To give you some ideas on what you might want to consider when looking for a coach training school that fits you, I’m going to talk from my experience as part of the Jay Shetty Certification School Community.

I remember, in the beginning, I was shy, doing things on my own, not interacting, and not posting anything – until a moment after my first few sessions as a practicing client, when my practicing coach helped me overcome my fears of being part of a community, of feeling welcomed, and of allowing myself to be supported. That day was life-changing for me. The support of my coach gave me the confidence to start posting, sharing, and asking questions in the groups. And once I was comfortable, ha! I found that this incredible community was there all along. Everyone at Jay Shetty Certification School is doing their best to support and elevate one another. It’s such a wonderful space to be – I can be myself without fear of being judged. If I need help, I simply post my question, and there will always be someone showing up, trying to help and support me. I’ve found more than peers – I’ve made friends for life.

One important note here: Look for school support. Are there supervisors and events where you can participate and collaborate? Is the school you are considering offering you the kind of support to help you grow during and after graduation?


The Sparkle

How many of us felt, at least once, that life was missing something? Are you doing what you love and what you feel moved by?

There are many people out there who are going through life without doing what they like as far as career choices are concerned. So, I hope you are considering coaching because it called you – because you felt something inside you that you couldn’t explain or put into words, like I couldn’t.

I love being a coach, and I truly believe that I’ve found my passion. I would 100% blindly start all over again. But if I had to give myself one piece of advice, I would ask myself to remember the following: that the times I felt unmotivated to study or felt doubtful about how I would make it work were all due to external influences. Joining the Jay Shetty Certification School was the first time I ever did something that I liked, for myself. That I was able to stand up for what I believed in and my good feelings about being a coach. That I’m my own sparkle, and that THIS IS IT!

To anyone out there who is considering what training school to choose, I would say: First, do some research on what is required by law for you to be able to work as a coach according to where you live. Do you need to be certified? Have a list of all the things you feel are important to you, and get clear about your must-haves. And if I could offer a little suggestion, look for a school that offers supervised sessions. It’s important that there is some sort of test or board presentation that you need to go through, so you can trust that all the work and studying you put in are going to work in your favor. You don’t want to simply buy a certificate – you want to be able to trust your abilities to truly coach someone. Lastly, always trust your instincts or gut feelings. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one for you, just as I did with the Jay Shetty Certification School.

Article written by:

Priscilla Barrios


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