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Omar Prieto

After a near death experience in 2010, Omar was faced with the terrifying consequences of his health and mental habits.

If he didn’t stop eating the way he was doing, if he didn’t find his reason why soon, he would not survive the next health problem that came his way.

This was a huge wake up call: Omar knew he had to act fast.

As soon as the Jay Shetty Certification School launched, Omar signed up without any hesitation that this was the best step for him personally and for his community.

He is now a hugely successful life coach and gives his clients a radical, new perception – not just a bandaid over their problems.

He combines physical and mental health in his coaching and brings his clients to their optimal health in a journey of them discovering their best version of themselves.


Interview Questions Answered

• Does everyone in the modern world need a coach?
• How do you know you should invest in being a coach?
• Do coaches need a coaching network, or the support of other coaches?

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