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Donna B.

I think ‘becoming a life coach’ has been a natural transition for me and one I have had an unknowingly deep attachment to. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to help people, with a special emphasis on children. 

I, like so many others, have come from a difficult and dysfunctional past and rather than let that define me I have always chosen to use my experiences and passion to help and serve others. Seeing children and adults in mental anguish resonates with me so much that I feel compelled to grow and learn more about mental health and wellbeing so I can be of better use. 

I came across Jay’s videos on Facebook during a challenging time and joined his Genius group shortly afterwards. When I found out he was going to set up a coaching school I jumped at the chance to finally be immersed by like-minded people and to be able to draw knowledge from those in the industry. I threw myself into the Pathway Program, and applied all my newfound knowledge into my social skills classes. In such a short period of time I could see how much I had grown as a mother and as a teacher.

I have been a part of the Jay Shetty Certification School since it started in March and I continue to thrive on the knowledge and expertise around me. The coaches, staff, members and organizers have been nurturing, kind and encouraging. With everyone’s guidance and support, I know I will be able to leave a bigger impact to those I work with and they too will ‘pay it forward’ by realizing their full potential.

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