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Aaron W.

As I look out the window of the 9 story office building I work in and see maybe 10% of the car spaces used and I can see the movie theater with 14 screens completely shut down, I am appreciative of the opportunity in front of us all with this program. All bars and restaurants are closed where I live. Many people have no idea where they will earn their next paycheck or how long they will be without income.

I believe the work each of us is doing in this program will help humanity get back on its feet. We are all scared for various reasons but feelings and emotions are temporary. This too shall pass. There are opportunities to speed up our work in this course due to the rest of the world slowing down. Embrace this opportunity to learn and improve.

Listening to these lessons will open our minds. We can share our knowledge to help others. A lot of people are feeling emotionally paralyzed right now. These individuals need us now and will need us through the recovery and beyond. Embrace the pain and do the work!!!! Feeling like a cheerleader today!!

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