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Daniel N.

The world is currently in chaos, yet, I have never felt so at peace – This in part, is all thanks to Jay Shetty and his amazing team.

I could probably spend hours upon hours writing about all the growth I have experienced but I will save you the details and keep this as short as possible. Simply put, Jay Shetty has brought so much clarity into my life. I have always had the map, but now I am armed with a GPS and a tour guide to make the road to success more effective and efficient.

As I write this, I am 25% through the program and I can confidently say that I am already making an impact on others and myself. It is so exciting to think of what I will be able to accomplish once I am finished.

One breakthrough that I would like to share is; I had a limiting belief of unworthiness and felt like I did not deserve success. This stemmed from painful events in the past that I have since been able to let go of. I have gained so much confidence and insight in such a short period of time and cannot wait to unleash my newfound strength. The guidance and support that you receive with this program can only lead to one thing – success. From day one I knew that I would be receiving world class training and be part of a bigger picture. I am eternally grateful for the Jay Shetty Certification School and for all of Jay’s timeless and universal teachings. I know without a doubt that I will help make wisdom go viral and shape a future world filled with gratitude and Geniuses.

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