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Suvasini L.

It is with great delight and deep gratitude that I share my experience of being a Jay Shetty Certification School student. To give some background, I am a cardiologist who has been in “school” for the last 27 years (and likely 5 more to go) and must admit, the experience in Jay Shetty Certification School may be one of the most transformational times of learning for me.

With Jay as my guru and life-coach in Genius, a shared vision for making wisdom go viral and a deep intention to serve my medical community, I am so happy to learn the deeper truths and tools/techniques to empower my colleagues to embrace their potential, overcome doubts of imposter syndrome, burnout and feel the joy of serving humanity as doctors. Amidst a busy schedule while working during the pandemic, I come home daily to listen to a chapter, reflect and go to sleep with a valuable insight – so, thank you!

On a personal note, my mother is also a Jay Shetty Certification School student and I can’t be more proud and happier to connect with her across the world amidst the pandemic – only to discuss our chapters together!

Thank you to everyone in the Jay Shetty Certification School family including Jay, Madina, my supervisors and all my fellow learners for taking this journey with me!

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