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The Coach-Client Relationship | Coaching School

coach client relationship

So, let’s start by looking at what having a professional relationship means. First, I must tell you one thing I have learned early on. The best coaching outcome does not come from coaches with the best skills and knowledge, but from coaches who can establish the best relationships with their clients. Does this surprise you? | Read article

How Many Coaching Styles Are There? | Life Coaching Certification

How Many Coaching Styles Are There

When you consider starting a coaching business (before or after gaining your Life Coaching Certification), you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. One of the decisions is about the type of coaching style that you want to focus on in your practice. While you can certainly offer more than one | Read article

Are you ready to become a Life Coach? | Coach Training School

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Let’s start by looking a little deeper at the skills and qualities that us at our Coach Training School recognise as being important in making a great life coach. Character Strengths The first set of qualities is well-described by the VIA Institute that put together a list of 24 different character strengths that people utilize | Read article