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Creating Your Set of Values As a Coach | Life Coaching Certification

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All coaches must have a list of their core values that are clear and specific to their vision, mission, and goals. These are the features that form the “playing field” of your coaching practice. It sets limits that you are unwilling to cross and ideals that you aspire to uphold. In psychology, the core principle | Read article

The Coach-Client Relationship | Coaching School

coach client relationship

So, let’s start by looking at what having a professional relationship means. First, I must tell you one thing I have learned early on. The best coaching outcome does not come from coaches with the best skills and knowledge, but from coaches who can establish the best relationships with their clients. Does this surprise you? | Read article

How Many Coaching Styles Are There? | Life Coaching Certification

How Many Coaching Styles Are There

When you consider starting a coaching business (before or after gaining your Life Coaching Certification), you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. It may even feel like there are a lot of important decisions to make about what kind of coach you want to become. One of these decisions is | Read article

Are you ready to become a Life Coach? | Coach Training School

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Let’s start by looking a little deeper at the skills and qualities that us at our Coach Training School recognize as being important in making a great life coach. Character Strengths The first set of qualities is well-described by the VIA Institute that put together a list of 24 different character strengths that people utilize | Read article

Jana Siedenhans’s Experience with her Life Coach Certification

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We recently had a chat with Jana about her experience with her Life Coach Certification and the transformations she has been able to see in her clients. During many years of seeking, Jana shaped her genuine reasons for being. Her journey is painted in all colors of life: From the light color of new knowledge, | Read article

6 Ways to Promote your Coaching Business | Life Coach Certification


Once you’ve received your Life Coach Certification you might start thinking about ways of promoting your Coaching Business. It’s now time to go out there and get clients. Our alumni Coach Talia is teaching you 6 Ways to Promote your Coaching Business today! One thing is clear: if no one knows about your business, there | Read article

5 Tips To Setting Up Your Coaching Business | Coach Training School


There is a famous and powerful quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that says, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Every coach’s goal is to create change, impact people, and help people be their best. But without a plan, a coach’s goal is nothing but a wish. The following article has been written | Read article

Jay Shetty Reflects on the Ikigai


The Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates into the “reason for being.” True fulfillment of your purpose comes when four areas intersect, namely (1) what you love, (2) what you are good at, (3) what the world needs, and (4) what you can be paid for. This model is useful to explore what lies | Read article

Why Becoming a Coach Can Produce Massive Benefits – Lessons from a Coach Training School

Why Becoming a Coach Can Produce Massive Benefit

Life coaching is an exciting new career path that only has been formally recognized in the helping professions for a relatively short time. As industry bodies such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching (AC) sharpen their efforts to ensure the high quality and | Read article

Getting your life coach certification? How to improve your coaching skills in 5 easy steps

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So, you’ve just enrolled in a life coach certification program? Or perhaps you’re still thinking about switching to a new career. You’ve completed our quiz to assess your readiness to become a coach right now and, guess what, you’re excited to see that your passion and natural skills align with those that good coaches possess! | Read article

Should you become a coach now? Jay Shetty shares 10 ways to assess your readiness

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According to Jay Shetty, if you possess all (or most) of the following 10 qualities, you are likely ready to pursue a career in coaching right now. #1 – Your passion and purpose feel misaligned You may feel uninspired in your current job, that something important is missing in your life, or that you are | Read article

Why a Coach Training School Matters in the “New” Normal

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Somewhat unbelievable, even one year later, when our coach training school, the Jay Shetty Certification School, took in our founding members on March 2020, we all thought that the pandemic was just a blip on our path. That we could “flatten the curve” and prevent disaster with a three-week stint of strict lockdown! In retrospect, | Read article

5 Lessons from a Coach Training School

5 Lessons from a Coach Training School

When our coach training school, the Jay Shetty Certification School, opened its virtual doors in March 2020, literally days after the first lockdowns started, we were extremely excited and passionate about our vision to change a billion lives.  Armed with a curriculum to impart our wisdom onto aspiring coaches and an online platform to connect | Read article

5 Reasons to Get Your Life Coach Certification

5 Reasons to Get Your Life Coach Certification

If you’re interested in getting a life coach certification, we are willing to bet that you might be looking to become a “better” you and that it is your passion to help and serve others. Also, you might be worried about the status of the world right now and would love to help make it | Read article

The Jay Shetty Way: 5 Tips to Serve Your Clients Better

5 Tips to Serve Your Clients Better

The coaching industry continues to grow exponentially. Thousands of organizations and industries and millions of ordinary people start to recognize the incredible impact a coach can have on their daily lives. Professional bodies implement standards, codes, and best practices to ensure the best service to clients. Hundreds of coaching programs offering varying levels of certification | Read article

Honesty and compassion should drive health and fitness coaching | Online Coach Training School

fitness coaching

How and when does your health fitness coaching work? What makes your fitness training so different? Our online coach training school has interviewed James Middleton, who is a health and fitness coach helping his clients navigate the muddy waters of myths and misinformation. Here, he discusses his health coach tips for people who are thinking | Read article

5 Stages of Coping with Change You Cannot Rush | Life Coaching Certification

5 stages of coping

The experience and anticipation of fear creates a feeling of trepidation in most people. The unfamiliar feels painful to us and we do our best to avoid it. But growth only comes with change. Learn five steps of coping with change that will help you get through difficult times and become a stronger person. Change | Read article

How Your Dharma Personality Type Can Improve Your Communication | Life Coaching Certification


The following article was written by Jay Shetty. Dharma signifies striving to act according to a person’s virtues, calling, and the “right way of living.” Every individual personality is unique, but can be associated with one of the four personality types identified in Vedic Hinduism. Each type manifests a typical communication style with both strengths | Read article

VIA Character Strengths & Coaching | Online Coach Training School

Character Strengths & Coaching

An Interview with Ryan Niemiec Our online coach training school has interviewed Dr. Ryan Niemiec, the Education Director at the VIA Institute on Character and an award-winning psychologist, certified coach, author, and annual instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and discussed with him about the value of positive psychology and character strengths in coaching. What | Read article

Discovering Brain Based Communication Skills | Online Coach Training School

Discovering Brain Based Communication Skills

A good coach uses communication skills that activate the trust, confidence, and positivity mechanisms of their clients’ brains. Here are seven techniques you can try to help your clients experience “aha” moments, grow, and achieve success. Written by Joan Swart Brain-based coaching is a relatively new perspective of coaching principles that draws from the rapidly | Read article

What Character Strengths Should Coaching Students Develop to Change Habits Effectively? | Life Coaching Certification

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Research has shown that the four character strengths associated with changing habits effectively, Hope, Perseverance, Forgiveness, and Creativity, do not feature strongly in a JSCS student sample. We offer a few simple suggestions to build those qualities. Keep reading to find out how to gain your life coaching certification. Written by Dr. Joan Swart Character | Read article

4 Character Strengths to Help You Thrive as a Life Coach after COVID-19 | Life Coaching Certification

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As we are amid unprecedented times, we wonder how we will ever adapt and even thrive in the new normal that is inevitable after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. As a coach, you are passionate about guiding your clients to success and happiness but also want to sustain a viable business. If | Read article

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Client’s Motivation | Life Coaching Certification

One of the key objectives of coaching is to create the best atmosphere and environment to kickstart your client’s motivation. Keep reading until the end to read more about how you can get your life coaching certification. Are your clients highly motivated? Eager to get up each morning and see what the new day brings | Read article

Make Your Mission to Change your Negative Thoughts | Online Coach Training School

change negative thoughts

As today dawns, we become part of the almost one-third of the global population who are under some form of lockdown. During extraordinary times of adversity, it is imperative for each of us to put our unprecedented situation into a more helpful perspective but, above all, positive change requires action from all of us. Our | Read article

The Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Method | Life Coach Certification

cognitive behavioral coaching

The cognitive behavioral coaching method is based on scientific evidence that thoughts and feelings directly relate to unhelpful behavior. Cognitive behavioral coaching is one of the most widely known and relatively recent evidence-based methodology in life coaching. The theory and practices derive from cognitive and behavioral science that have their intellectual origins in the 1950s.  | Read article

Developing a Coaching Mindset

Developing a Coaching Mindset

Having a coaching mindset means to possess the skills to provoke insight from clients so that they can find their own meaning and solutions rather than instructing them what to do or fixing their problems for them. To adopt the right attitude, it is very helpful to form beliefs that support the right coaching behavior. | Read article

3 Best Ways to Handle Transference in Coaching

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Transference in coaching can play havoc on the trust and relationship between a coach and a client. When a client projects deep feelings, often subconsciously, originating from another time or person in their life, onto their coach, the coaching process can be disrupted, often because of wrong assumptions and misinterpretation. What is transference? The concept | Read article

5 Key Benefits of Online Coaching

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After dispelling some of the concerns that exist about online coaching in a previous article, it is now time to explore its many advantages. I highlighted some of these in my article published in 2015 in the International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy titled “Conceptualizing MDT as a Moodle-Based Program for Adolescents and Adults | Read article

Dispelling 4 Concerns About Online Coaching

Myths about life coach training online

Despite the exponential growth of the access and speed of online communication channels, many traditionalists remain convinced that online coaching, we can call it e-coaching, is fraught with life-threatening dangers and risks. Are they correct? To me, the answer is a resounding NO. However, some of their concerns are justified, but all are manageable by | Read article

How to Create a Coaching Mission Statement

Life Coaching Mission

Knowing how to create a coaching mission statement is important to set your practice and approach in the best direction for you and your clients. A mission forms the basis of what drives you forward and keeps your passion burning to achieve your vision. What is a mission statement? Let’s start by looking at what | Read article

5 Ways to Build Trust with Challenging Coaching Clients


Finding ways to build trust with clients who may be challenging is an integral part of becoming a life coach. If you’re always looking how to help others, you’ll need to become adept in understanding different types of clients and figuring out the role and approach that will suit each client best. Creating rapport by | Read article