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5 Reasons to Get Your Life Coach Certification

If you’re interested in getting a life coach certification, we are willing to bet that you might be looking to become a “better” you and that it is your passion to help and serve others. Also, you might be worried about the status of the world right now and would love to help make it healthier and also you might want to make a difference in a different career. 

Whatever the passion is in your heart and the purpose that makes you jump out of bed in the mornings, getting your life coach certification is about to change your life in many ways.

So, how does it work and what will you achieve?

When you join or enroll in a life coach certification program, firstly, make sure that the institution and program are accredited with one or more industry associations that professionals widely recognize in the life coaching field.

#1 – Learn tons of new stuff

Of course, while doing your life coach certification you can expect to learn tons of new stuff with your advisors, supervisors, and fellow student coaches. In addition to more than 70 video lessons from Jay Shetty where you’ll learn more about his uniquely successful approach to coaching, you will have group chats, personal sessions with your supervisor, attend webinars and workshops, and network in the school’s student and alumni community. 

By the time you have completed your life coach certification with us, you will be in the best position to start a new career in life coaching, have an existing one flourish, help others, and be more fulfilled.

#2 – Join a global movement of change

Business and career analysts recognize life coaching as one of the fastest growing fields in the change maker and helping fields today. With most people’s lives having changed significantly in the past year, universal stress has not been higher for a long time. A life coaching certification enables you to participate in this growing movement and help satisfy a demand for care and guidance. 

#3 – Start a new career 

With so many people losing a job, being furloughed, or seeing the need for a different life and purpose, life coaches have an incredible role to play in the reshuffling of the social landscape worldwide. As the “new order” is in the process of settling down, people need new foundations, fresh perspectives, and a rekindled hope and belief in the future. They have these potentials inside them, but, together with a life coach, is better able to open these new insights and possibilities. Your life coaching certification is a new start and upgrade for you to showcase your new knowledge and competence to others.

#4 – Get your credentials

A life coaching certification demonstrates your professional credibility, which is important to help you stand out from other coaches that your potential clients may be considering. It boosts your resume and paves the way to your professional accreditation, which is the industry telling the world that you are qualified to coach effectively! If you choose your life coaching certification program wisely, you may even be able to continue studying to earn a master’s degree.

#5 – Help others

Of course, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, right? With all the new stuff that you’ve learned and practiced, the new connections that you’ve built, credentials earned, and a career on the fast-track to success, you are in the best position to live your passion of helping others. Your life coaching certification is the essence and proof that you are ready to spread your wings and contribute to making the much-needed change in the world. It shows that you are a cut above the rest. That you’re serious about your career and does not take the responsibility of guiding others to more fulfilled lives lightly. A high-quality life coaching certification shows your dedication and credibility as a coach who can effectively guide others to better lives.

So, if you feel ready to upgrade your skills and ability to help others and enjoy a fulfilling career, visit
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