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A Life-Changing Event: Joining Jay Shetty Certification School


Another Jay Shetty Certification School graduate, Julie Cremoux, shares her journey and challenges of becoming a life coach. Let’s read her story!

How did you discover the Jay Shetty Certification School?

I have been following Jay Shetty for quite some time now, and being a videographer, I was drawn to his video story messages on YouTube. In 2020, I was very much into personal development and when lockdown hit, I was even more immersed in Jay’s Facebook challenges and workshops. To be honest, I came across the Jay Shetty Certification School by absolute luck, and at the same time, I like to call it divine timing. I signed up right away for an onboarding call and didn’t really have any expectations other than the desire to work on myself.

What made you decide to pursue a life coaching certification?

I decided to pursue a life coaching certification for me, just me. It was the first time I invested in myself – to grow and to build a deeper understanding of who I was and who I wanted to be. When I was asked during the onboarding call at Jay Shetty Certification School what my coaching business plan was, I had no idea what that meant! I didn’t even realize what the coaching industry really entailed. But there was this intuitive gut feeling that whatever I would get out of this course was exactly what I needed. Plus, when I found out about the weekly calls with our supervisor and the community, I was blown away!

What were your main decisions when choosing a coach training school?

My biggest decision for joining Jay Shetty Certification School was how holistic the whole approach was. I was truly surrounded by like-minded people who understood me. Being very into spirituality and mindfulness, I felt like I belonged. I also believe in the power of mentoring. I’d say, hands down, being supported by a supervisor changed the whole experience compared to any regular course or certification I have ever taken.

To say, my supervisor, Viraj, changed my life is such an understatement. With coaching supervision, I truly learned from experience, trial and error, and getting out of my own way. While I was supported, I was also challenged and pushed to go deeper into unlocking things in my own life that I hadn’t worked on yet. That is where I discovered the power of coaching. While I had started by saying, “I just wanted to do this course for myself,” I completely fell in love with coaching. I realized that coaching had always been inside of me – I was just afraid I couldn’t handle other people’s problems. When I understood that everyone is whole, complete, and resourceful, I released the pressure I was putting on myself and started fueling my passion to serve.

For anyone starting out, what are your top 3 tips to become a life coach?

For anyone starting out as a life coach, my number 1 tip is to do the inner work! I am such a believer in inner work. You can only serve your client as much as you have served yourself. My alumni supervisor, Mira, has been such a huge inspiration and teacher to me. Even after graduating from Jay Shetty Certification School, I have continued doing the inner work on the alumni side, including the ongoing group supervision, which I recommend to any coach at any stage.

My number 2 tip is to build your competency as a coach so you can better serve your clients. That especially includes starting with many practice clients for several sessions so you can go deeper. Even when you feel you are not ready, have a coaching session. Trust me, you are more ready than you give yourself credit for. And last but not least, my number 3 tip is to stay curious, follow your client down their rabbit hole, ask the tough questions, and get to the root cause of an issue.

What advice would you give someone who is wondering if a life coaching certification is for them?

If you are wondering if a life coaching certification is for you, I am going to give you the absolute simplest answer: YES, IT IS! The fact that you are even considering coaching means something in this universe has led you to this point. We are all given opportunities in life, so if this one feels aligned with you, take that chance. You’ll know it’s the right choice because it excites you a lot and scares you a little.

Whatever you choose to do with this certificate doesn’t even matter to begin with. But what I know and what I can share with you is that the Jay Shetty Certification School community, the supervisors, the friendships, the lessons, the breakthroughs, the tears, the growth, and the joy you will experience through this journey will expand you! Your entire life will change for the better, and you’ll make lifelong friends from all around the world.

Thank you, Jay Shetty Certification School, and everyone involved for making this certification happen!

Article written by:

Julie Cremoux


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