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Aaron Wandtke

  • Business and Career Coach
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Aaron Wandtke

  • Business and Career Coach

“In the future, there will be no female leaders.  There will just be leaders.”  Sheryl Sandberg

Aaron is an advocate for women, especially women entrepreneurs and leaders, who want to positively impact their companies, teams and customers.  Aaron Wandtke started and built a successful company 20 years ago.  He knows what it feels like to start in an apartment, sign your first lease, hire your first employee and grow the business to be one of the top firms in the country.

The ups and downs of owning a business and working in a leadership position have been both trying and rewarding.  Along the way of hiring and working with women, Aaron realized that some of the best ideas on workplace culture have come from these dynamic women. He’s seen firsthand how women make the work place better and is highly motivated to helping them thrive as leaders. Because of his experience with these female leaders, he’s modified his work from home program, created a better maternity program, and enhanced the workplace in many other ways that benefit all members of the team.

Business owners and individuals in leadership roles often struggle with loneliness.  Just because you own a business or are in a leadership role, does not mean you have it all figured out.  The internal struggles business owners and leaders experience are real because the decisions they make not only affect them but also their employees, the employees families and the customers their company serves.  The transformation starts with the leader and their commitment to becoming their best selves so they can help others become their best selves as well.

Aaron has an array of tools available to help you gain awareness, build habits and be your best self.  Take the first step to increasing your impact on the world, the people around and most importantly yourself.


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