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Alice Youse

  • Life & Growth Coach

Alice Youse

  • Life & Growth Coach

Hey! I want to start by asking you a few questions…

Do you feel a deep desire to bring back joy, peace, and happiness into your life?
Do you wish to unlock that positive and powerful YOU?

Has life been passing by and you feel stuck in this never-ending cycle?
Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed? Fearful? Unsupported?

Do these feelings resonate with you?

I can totally relate! I was looking for the keys to unlock the true person I was inside, not only the role(s) I’d played for so long in my traditional life. A simple equation – the road from school, to career, marriage, family, children, and more. Wait just a minute… So how come I was not feeling fulfilled, joyful, and excited about my life as I had dreamed.

I believe life is a journey, and sometimes life takes unexpected difficult turns. I came to realize the most important thing in all of this was finding myself and standing up for what I believed in.

So what is staying in the same place costing you?

From a very early time, I have been drawn to helping women struggling with the feeling of being stuck or trapped… in their home, in their job, in their lives. Examining underlying beliefs and habits in our lives that are holding us back.

Hi, my name is Alice, a certified Life & Growth Coach by the Jay Shetty Certification School. Being a busy mother, professional, and wife; life quickly became overwhelming and stuck into routine. I had to step into more self-awareness, setting boundaries, and living more aligned with my needs and values.

I will hold non-judgmental space for you to feel relaxed and comfortable to go within to share your story. Guiding you to face your challenges, build your confidence, overcome frustration, and release emotions that are no longer serving you.

If this resonates with you, let’s begin your journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

You can book a free Discovery Call with me and we’ll jump right in!