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Lo Callahan

  • Spiritual ~ Mindset Coach

Lo Callahan

  • Spiritual ~ Mindset Coach


My name is Coach Lo,

I am a certified relationship and mindset coach. 

I help individuals heal from narcissist abuse and toxic relationships by cultivating radical self love and acceptance.

I want to help you cultivate a healthy mindset, self confidence, attract your ideal partner and life.

Through Coaching you can develop and learn how to:

Restore self confidence
Elevate your mindset
Rebuild self trust
Establish Healthy Boundaries
Attract ideal partners and better dating experiences
Embrace your sensuality and femininity
Learn how to advocate for your needs and wants

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I am so excited to be apart of your healing journey.
I have a passion for helping people reach their life’s purpose and potential.
I hold a bachelors of psychology.
I am certified as a life coach.
I’ve worked with At-Risk youth and were a county case worker for 10 years.
I am also an author. My most recent book is titled, The Journey, My Road To Self Alchemy and you can find my other books and writings on my website

I am proud of you for taking this next step in your healing journey.
I hope to meet you soon. 

I can’t wait to see you on the other side of change. 

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