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Aloma Callahan

  • Spiritual ~ Mindset Coach

Aloma Callahan

  • Spiritual ~ Mindset Coach

Hey There,

My name is Coach Lo. I am a Spiritual, Mindset Coach.

I hold a bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology, and are a Jay Shetty certified life coach. I am the Author of, The Journey, My Road To Self Alchemy. I have experience working with At-Risk youth, and over ten years’ experience working in public services as a case manager.

I am an intuitive coach with a passion for people, spirituality and transformation. I believe it is my purpose to inspire others to accomplish their goals through the use of partnership, powerful questioning, and reflective coaching tools.

I partner with each client in achieving their respective goal by exploring the client’s current state of perception and challenging their growth in the area of concern; supporting new possibilities and available opportunities. Each client is lead on their own individual path to discovering their negative and disserving mental and spiritual patterns.

This is done through my A.A.I.C. (Awareness, Accountability, Intentionality and Continual Practice) frame work.

How can an individual change or modify what he or she isn’t aware of?

Awareness is key to our shadow self and intentional living.

With intentional living the client can develops the tools to deliberately create result in life.

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