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Amanda Mattsby

  • Life Coach

My name is Amanda Mattsby and I’m a life coach located in Sweden but available world wide. Talking to people about what is really important to them and asking hundreds of questions to understand and challenge conceptions has always been something I’ve done. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized that it is a skill and a craft called coaching.

I am a life coach focusing on helping women thrive in life and in the workplace.  So many women are holding themselves back in order to not intimidate others, but I believe that this world needs more women who dare to be themselves and chase their dreams, not matter what that is.

Letting go of other peoples expectations. Letting go of fear, insecurities and perfection.

Helping women lean into their competence and intuition and tap into their potential.

I used to live my life trying to make everyone else happy, doing what I thought others were expecting of me. I was terrified of making mistakes, cared way too much about other peoples opinions of me and never stopped for long enough to hear my own voice. Anxiety and stress was two constant companions that I thought I would never live without.

Today I live a life free from anxiety with my own heart and soul as the guiding light on my path forward. Now I want to help more women step into their power and unleash their inner superwoman.

That does not mean doing everything all the time. Sometimes unleashing your inner superwoman means taking time off doing nothing, even if it disappoints someone.

I specialize in learning how to love yourself, how to build your inner ally and setting healthy boundaries. I also love helping people find joy in the small things and do encourage spontaneous (or planned!) dancing!

I also believe that your body, mind and soul are equally important in creating a healthy, happy and purposeful life and that everything is connected.

I am available for coaching though video calls. My main language is Swedish but I love yo communicate in English too, so don’t hesitate to book a discovery call to find out if we are a match!