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Anna Frey

  • Resilience & Mindfulness Coach

Anna Frey

  • Resilience & Mindfulness Coach

I’m passionate about empowering and inspiring women to lead lives that are authentic, fulfilling, and in alignment with their values. I firmly believe that each individual holds the potential to effect positive change in their lives, and I’m dedicated to supporting my client on their own journey toward personal growth and transformation.

In my role as a Resilience Coach, my mission is to guide my clients through any changes or challenges they may face, helping them recover from difficulties and emerge stronger. I offer personalized, one-on-one resilience coaching program specifically designed for women navigating various life transitions such as loss, breakups, marital struggles, relationship issues, life changes, or seeking sobriety and spirituality.

My approach is transformative, empowering women to skillfully navigate tough circumstances. Through our work together, my clients learn to build resilience, adapt to change, and cultivate self-worth, ultimately becoming more integrated and whole individuals.

I’m Anna, 43 years old, and my journey has been marked by turbulent relationships, battles with alcohol and drug abuse, until I reached my lowest point—a painful breakup that lead to a spiritual awakening. Navigating this breakup with clarity and sobriety allowed me to dive deep into my emotions, thoughts, and innermost feelings. Despite the profound depression I faced, I found solace in following my intuition, exploring my inner child, and delving into childhood traumas. My exploration led me to cognitive behavioral therapy, igniting a desire to pursue a career as a therapist, driven by my innate urge to help others. 

Discovering life coaching was transformative, shifting my mindset from drama triangle into empowerment triangle. Since then, I’ve been passionate about self-growth and personal development. Alongside coaching, I’m an avid practitioner of yoga and Breathwork. Holding certifications as an NLP Practitioner and Certified Kundalini Activation Facilitator, spirituality and mindfulness have become integral to my daily life.

My journey, though riddled with sorrow and loss, has shaped my niche as a resilience coach. My mission is to guide others through their mental anguish with efficiency and empathy. My approach focuses on unlocking the subconscious mind peeling back the layers to uncover the root of one’s being, leading to personal “Aha” moments and profound growth. Each pain, I’ve learned, is a beacon illuminating the path to growth and transformation.

Through coaching, I’ve discovered my passion for empowering others and found my true purpose to serve!