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Anna Nikiforuk

  • Mindset & Self Development Coach

Anna Nikiforuk

  • Mindset & Self Development Coach

Helping You Move Forward

As an actress, growing up was a little rocky for me – ok like chaos if I’m being honest.

I got my start in the Film & Tv industry at 12 years old, I was a determined kid with a strong work ethic, and I took to the demands of the professional acting world well.

It became the only area of my life that I felt good about, it’s where I got my wins.

But my mind & body were rooted in trauma and this made me vulnerable to the toxic sides of the industry.  My life began to spiral with bad relationships, self-harm, an eating disorder, drug and alcohol abuse.

Until finally I didn’t want to exist like this anymore.

I started working on my mindset, over time I gained awareness and came to understand the roots of my behaviors which enabled me to reprogram my thoughts and repair my mind.

Today, I coach others on the importance of mindset and how to cultivate strong mental health.

I want to help you find the roots of your own perfectionism, lack of confidence, and low self-belief so that you too, can intercept these mental patterns.  To let go of what’s holding you back and blocking you from the life you deserve.

I’m living proof that your breakdown can be your breakthrough and I’m rooting for you.


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