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Anne Hamro

  • Life, GenZ, and Intercultural Transition Coach

Anne Hamro

  • Life, GenZ, and Intercultural Transition Coach

For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in people’s stories, cultures and worlds. The small California town where I grew up was lovely, but I wanted to explore what else this world had to offer. So after graduating college I packed my bags, $500 + my degree. I chose adventure, moved to Italy and basically never looked back.

I faced some pretty tough obstacles on my own in a pre-internet world as a recent grad with no career plans, who didn’t speak Italian.

Fortunately over time I managed to learn the language and further my studies in intercultural relations. After a few years of teaching and interpreting, I set up my first business as a cross-cultural consultant, and soon was serving international corporations and the UN. While raising 2 kids I pivoted to fashion and design publishing, and later created a global fashion business from the ground up, selling to the world’s finest retailers.

I was proud of all I had accomplished with so little, but as time passed I started feeling lost and exhausted. Achievement felt good and was important to me, but I came to realize I wasn’t fulfilled. So I took a step back to reflect, and concluded that something had to change.

I began a challenging journey of introspection and personal growth where I gained clarity and courage to own who I was. And I discovered coaching. I realized that helping others to overcome obstacles, realize their dreams and reach their potential was my true life calling. So I went back to school, got my MA and became a JSCS Certified Life Coach.

Every day I continue to study, learn and grow, and am honored to guide clients from all over the world to their purpose, success and freedom.