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Belinda Mitchell-Reilly

  • Wellness and Empowerment Coach

Belinda Mitchell-Reilly

  • Wellness and Empowerment Coach

Belinda is a qualified Jay Shetty Life Coach and offers 1:1 coaching for women as part of this brand.  Her coaching specialises in helping women to find their passion, purpose and overall general wellness goals so they are left feeling empowered, confident and finding balance and peace.  

She is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Fitness, Gym, Spin and Kettlebell instructor.  She has over 20 years working the corporate world in Business Development & Marketing in Sydney and Dublin. She is a Mum, and is originally from Sydney Australia but now lives in Ireland with her family.  

“BMR Active is a wellness brand I created for women to find healthy habits to lean into when the world feels too much, and you are running on empty.  The beauty of this brand is that it is accessible to women all over the world via a device.” Said Belinda Mitchell-Reilly, BMR Active’s CEO and founder.  “This brand offers women a reset button of balance that can be done in less than 20 minutes a day via our app that offers a wellness library of yoga, meditation, affirmations, mindset mastery or at home fitness workout classes.  Mental and physical fitness go hand-in-hand to feeling empowered and gaining self-confidence”. 

“This brand is not just another ‘wellness fad'”, says Belinda, “it was born out of my passion for mental and physical fitness and to help other women, like me in their 30s/40s plus, deal with the everyday juggling act of life, through positive healthy outlets that leave you feeling energised and empowered.  My brand is different to others in the market because I am an everyday woman going through it, living it.  I am real just like you.  I understand you and your needs.  It is a brand many women will resonate with”.  

BMR Active provides the following services as part of its brand – 

  1. Life Coaching 
  2. Yoga classes for all levels
  3. At home fitness workouts – including dance fun
  4. Meditations
  5. Affirmations 
  6. Mindset mastery– exploring our self-talk and how it can affect us
  7. Active wear – economic, practical, comfortable, stylish and suitable for all fitness genres (tested by Belinda in the yoga studio and gym).  Our size range is from xxs to XXL – inner balance is not defined by size here.
  8. A like-minded community of women you can connect with.
  9. Accessible from any device anywhere in the world.

BMR Active is a one stopshop of wellness that is accessible to busy women globally via one click.  Women are guaranteed a result of balance everyday through its website and balance app. – app – BMR Active Balance.