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Bren J

  • Latina Entrepreneurial Life Coach

Bren J

  • Latina Entrepreneurial Life Coach

Hello y Hola!

If you are here, Maktub, and how can I serve You?

Are you ready to get unstuck or just level up?

I Got You!

My name is Bren J and I am here to serve my communities from Southern to Northern California and around the World!

But we are not here to learn about me, you can check out my ig for that and binge on, who is Bren J? Or tune in on my very new and developing podcast, wherever you stream your podcasts named, “Hood Beginnings Achieving Success”.

What I am here for is You.

Where are you now? Where would you like to be? What’s getting in the way of you achieving that goal?

Very recently my family and I experienced covid up close and personal. My husband was physically ill and my mental and emotional health took a dive.

While I myself am certified by the amazing Jay Shetty Certification School, I still needed help and life coaching because we are all human and need support. Which is what I provide.

Get Unstuck.

Any area of your life can be improved. Faith, family, finances, work, passions, purpose.

Facing the Stigma – Be unapologetically and authentically You!

My fellow WOC, community advocates, cannamoms, and tattooed millennial entrepreneurs,

I’m on a mission to help Jay transform A billion lives. And also to serve others who want to heal their generational trauma cycles and build generational wealth.

I define wealth as mentally and emotionally happy, financially free, and living the life you daydream about.

I See You!

With Gratitude,
Your Coach,
Bren J


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