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Carmen de Celis Barquero

  • Harmonious Empowerment Coach
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Carmen de Celis Barquero

  • Harmonious Empowerment Coach

Carmen de Celis Barquero undertook challenging since young age. Immersed in a continuous changing living style with a curious regard to further discover and grow. I was called to become a global-trotter and be exposed to an international and multicultural scale.

Passionate for the new challenges and discoveries, inspired by the people I learnt from and crossed in my life. I realised how important was to service others.

After few years with a stagnant personal development and emptiness in my life enrolled into the coaching growth. I combined various programmes simultaneously with an in-class and online experience and in different languages. Since I became unstoppable on my personal growth path. ”The only person I need to compare myself to is my yesterday self.”

My purpose is to guide you to stimulate your awareness on your passion and sacrifices. The harmony of your wellbeing is balanced with your dreams, capabilities and self-esteem and pays back your effort with nurtured passion and energy to ensure an ecological equilibrium.

Whaf for? So that you can truly enjoy your passion, commitment and success with full conscious of what you are doing and leaving behind or aside on this choice to ensure no later regret or devastation.

The empowerment stepped with all relevant aspect of your life uplifts you to the freedom in mind and new self-dimension. Using someone else’s ruler to measure your self-worth will always leave you short, use yours.

You are unique and the artist of your own live journey, through a guidance you create your best self.

If you have any question on how to go through this exceptional experience, contact me with no hesitation.