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Carola Wunderlin-Díaz

  • Purpose and Well-being Life Coach

Carola Wunderlin-Díaz

  • Purpose and Well-being Life Coach

Hola! My name is Carola Wunderlin – Díaz Salgado, I am here to help you to develop and transform yourself through the process and techniques of coaching.

I am a certified Life Coach. My passion is helping people to find and fulfill their purpose through balance, focusing on what is essential, and enjoying the journey.

By nature, I am a goal achiever and a curious person. Learning is one of my hobbies. But the thirst for trying to do everything also took a toll on me. I have been on that path… the path of thinking that multitasking was the solution to get everything I ever wanted. But it took me a burnout to understand that I was no superwoman and, that multitasking was not a thing I wanted to believe in, nor support. I had to learn to differentiate between what I wanted, what I wished, what I needed, and what was essential.

I thought that life was all about going up, climbing the professional ladder, and achieving the summit or the “gipfel”, as we say here in Switzerland, but life taught me a great deal when I took a stroll around the world, traveled alone in Asia, came to Europe to study my Master in Strasbourg and finally ended up in Switzerland and married the most amazing men I could have met Basil, but that’s another story.

Nature, the Alps, and wildlife also taught me that nothing is flat, steady, random, or meaningless. Mountains and hiking became my new thing to conquer. It helped me to connect with my body in ways I never thought were possible. Every time I go on a hike I meet my worst internal enemies, but it reminds me that I was once a little girl scout who watched Discovery Channel and listened to David Attenborough. She dreamed about achieving peaks, wander in the woods, discovering nature in the jungle, and wanted to befriend all animals.

Nature and hiking taught me that the magic lies in enjoying the trip, the journey, the ups and downs, the light, and the shadow. Lovely isn’t it?

Dealing with imbalances is normal, is part of life and, it touches all of us, among all professions, generations, genders, countries, cultures, and mindsets.

Through Life Coaching, we will focus on listening to your voice and paying attention to the whispers of your body before they become screams. We will define what is purposeful and essential to you, so we can design strategies and habits that will help you achieve your purpose and/or goal.

Moreover, I have been actively working for more than 10 years in Human Resources as an Analyst in the public and private sectors. I’ve also been a speaker and participated in diverse programs related to innovation, best practices in HR, well-being at work, and diversity. So I’ve been in various professional situations that – hopefully – gave me the wisdom and experience to connect with your particular context, goals, and challenges.

By the end of the program, I hope that you are finding yourself in a better place than where you were when we met. I hope you feel like you are living your life with authenticity, that you are using strategies to find calmness through the storms, build the stamina to achieve the goals you need, and realize that you can achieve what you want if you find the right tools. And coaching is the best one!