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Chris Josue

  • Introspective/Relationship Coach

Chris Josue

  • Introspective/Relationship Coach

Have you been asking…

What do I do now?
Times are tough, how can I move forward?
I just want to be happy, is that too much to ask?
How can I make life easier?
Is there someone who understands me and can help?

These are all great questions and together we can find the answers!

I’m Chris and I believe that in order to make change in the world it starts within and once you are able to control your mind, you give yourself a fighting chance. As an introspective/relationship coach, and a lifelong martial artist, I’ve lived my life with the ‘mind over matter’ philosophy. Once the mind is focused and plans are put into action, everything else will flow. Not only will this improve yourself – it will improve the relationships you have with others and with everyday tasks.

Over 15 years as a Massage Therapist, I have worked with people who want to improve and I have found when someone focuses their energy into healing, the recovery time decreases and their extent of healing is greater than those who do not. My goal as your coach is to bring this experience to the table to help reach your goals faster and allow you to have more time for the important things in life.

In our sessions, feel comfortable knowing you are in a safe space where you can express your true emotions without being judged. Together we will discover your driving forces and set up a plan that will move you towards your goals. I understand that life can get tough and we go through different phases but when we are able to dig deep within ourselves, we can create opportunity and a positive outlook when there seems to be little to no hope. Allow me to join your journey in becoming your best self!