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Chris Mitra

  • Achievement Coach

Chris Mitra

  • Achievement Coach

Do you feel STALLED, STUCK or UNSURE of your next step in life?

It’s something that we all encounter at some point in our existence. Unfortunately, it often brings anxiety, depression, and a sense of hopelessness as we struggle to find happiness and accomplishment within ourselves.

These are moments when a coach can guide you over the roadblock holding you back from building a compelling future.

Chris is a talented Life, Success and Achievement Coach who is committed to seeing his clients overcome whatever is holding them back.

He will leverage his Coaching, Business/IT background, and skills as a successful entrepreneur to partner with you and bring you to a new level in your life. One where you have more joy, confidence and an empowering positive belief in your future.

Chris is uniquely aware of the downfalls experienced due to lack of confidence and severe depression and knows how it can affect all aspects of life. Coaching helped Chris climb out of his despair, build solid self-assurance and find his true calling.

Now he wants to help you do the same thing and live a genuinely Inspired Life.

If you don’t want to go another day feeling the same, contact Chris for a complimentary Discovery Call.

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