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Coach Talia

  • Teens Growth Mindset & Success Coach

Coach Talia

  • Teens Growth Mindset & Success Coach

As a teenager, I struggled to define myself and my place in the world. I looked around to my friends and parents for answers, but I always felt lost. Lost in other people’s perception of me, lost in the expectations of adulthood, lost in the sea of confusing emotions. Looking back I wished I had someone to tell me that nothing was wrong with me and that the answers I was seeking lay within. I just needed a little bit of courage and support.

The definition of success that I adopted from external sources was false and foreign to me, it led to years of pain – sometimes subtle, sometimes deep and unbearable. However, slowly through years of self-discovery and connecting to my true self, I redefined success, opened my heart to vulnerability and found my true purpose.

I am here to guide our future generation on their path in life. I look at teenagers and see the artists of their own life and our future. The exponential growth that teens are capable of fascinates and inspires me to be true to who I am. It sparkles my infinite love for human potential and allows me to dream big.

To achieve my vision of creating a world of self-aware people living fulfilling lives I am here to empower teenagers to become leaders of their own life and their communities through growth mindset and success coaching. My program and coaching approach moves teens to discover and build skills to solve problems despite the challenges they are facing. I strongly believe that learning to consciously use one’s strengths, rather than trying to fix perceived weaknesses, will positively transform their success in life.

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We all have our inner compass within us. Often we know what we need to do and what’s best for us, but we still struggle with actually doing it and following that inner compass. But why is that?

The first step to solve this riddle is to start a conversation.

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