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Conny Nehls

  • Purpose & Life Transition Coach

Conny Nehls

  • Purpose & Life Transition Coach

Unleash Your Brilliance: A Guided Journey to Inner Light

As your Purpose & Life Transition Coach, my mission is to guide you to find that inner brilliance that is naturally given to you and just hidden under circumstances, conditioning, self-doubt, and life challenges in general.

Together, we address all of this, acknowledging the shadows, internal or external, moving towards compassion, confidence, and inner strength by embracing what is true to you and illuminating the path to where you want to be: clear about who you are, your unique purpose, living authentically, self-empowered and able to balance life with resilience and overall improved well-being.

My passion as a coach is seeing you realize that you shine so much brighter than you think. It is the heart of my coaching philosophy that you are a radiant powerhouse – strong, smart, and capable of creating positive change. Emphasizing self-confidence, self-worth, and trust, you’re encouraged to discover what makes you shine and share your brilliance with the world.

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