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Darnell Young

  • Mindset Coach

Darnell Young

  • Mindset Coach

My name is Darnell Young, and it’s my mission to help women get back to their true essence by knowing when and where to lay down armors of protection in the forms of persona, strong women tropes, and limiting beliefs. I am a Certified Life Coach and licensed Occupational Therapist with a master’s in occupational therapy and a B.A. in psychology.  I am also pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis on performance. 

As Mindset Coach, I offer one-on-one coaching to empower women to cultivate the highest level of individual self-awareness through a shift in mindset toward what they can accomplish. My coaching revolves entirely around the client, prioritizing an open, safe space where you feel heard and valued. Through active listening, validation, and empathy, I link arms with you to walk towards the you that is self-aware and resilient with a growth mindset. In this partnership, you will learn how to know when to lay down the armor that has been protecting you from finding a place of security to be your true self. 

Positive Psychology is essential to my coaching delivery. In this strength-based approach, I emphasize the importance of recognizing individual strengths and competencies. Through the principles of positive psychology, deep reflection, and the awareness of individual personality, you will gain a new awareness of self and tap into the resilience you have to achieve and grow. 

I hold firmly to the core belief that clients can Discern how they want to show up, Define what is holding them back, and Do what is needed to lay down their armor and get back to their true essence. This approach has been demonstrated to be highly effective in delivering desired outcomes, validated by the favorable feedback from clients regarding their progress through my coaching. 

Are you ready to lay down your armor and limiting beliefs, develop a sense of self-awareness, and unlock your potential to achieve your definition of success?

……I’m here for it! Are you ready? 

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Darnell D. Young