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Debra Rink

  • Energy Management Coach

Debra Rink

  • Energy Management Coach

I help service based female business owners who struggle with being the exhausted and drained “yes woman” reconnect with their vision of their dream work-life wellbeing and bring it to reality.

My clients will tell you that I saved their life.  I took them from being at an all time low to having their life back and feeling alive again; feeling like themselves again.

You will benefit from my coaching because I will guide your self-growth by helping you identify challenges and limiting factors in your life so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.  I am certified through the Jay Shetty Certification School in life coaching.

My life story is full of goodness with a few stresses and traumas mixed in.  This is similar to so many lives out there.  I started adult life working in laboratories as a chemist.  It was fulfilling work with a lot of variety in the duties.  I worked alone in the laboratory, at a computer to do the math required and write the papers, and talked to clients about the technical parts of the products. After many years, I made the decision to pursue another love I wanted to explore and I became an athletic trainer.  This is where I truly began my life coaching journey.  I would listen to the athletes and help them with performance plateaus or fear of injury while I was giving their treatments. I received the most satisfaction out of seeing the athletes light up and have breakthroughs in their performances.  In my down times, I would seek out a few other certifications like massage therapy, foam roller therapy, and kinesio taping. Overall, in the end, I have the most satisfaction through living my purpose of helping YOU.  This is why I made life coaching full time.

Along with my career journey, my personal journey in life had its ups and downs and many changes. Through each transition in life, including loss and traumas, I would read some of my favorite authors to help me cope and get through to my next chapter of life. I have personally experienced events and people that have tried to inhibit and limit what I did and how I did it, and I was able to stay strong and keep going on my path until I reached my dream vision (which is coaching you and many like you).

“Who am I to think I know you better than you know you?” Tony Robbins said this but I also believe in it.  You will go on a journey of knowing yourself to any extent that you want to with me.  You will gain any awareness that you feel you want and need in your life.  You will make decisions with more confidence in knowing that you made the decisions to create the best version of yourself possible.

What would it be like to live your dream life? Let me help you learn your limiting thoughts that are standing in the way of your goals and develop strategies to make your dreams become reality. Get in touch today to set up a conversation with me and discover what powerful possibilities lie within you!