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Donita Fowler

  • Performance Coach

Donita Fowler

  • Performance Coach

Hello! I’m Donita, a performance coach specializing in working with business owners and CEOs who are seeking to shift their focus from busyness to productivity. From loneliness to connection. From stress to success.

With my guidance, you learn how to manage time and energy, set priorities, and develop systems that optimize your workflow. 

With everything that is happening in the world today, maybe you are you feeling unfocused? There are often competing priorities and opportunities that need to be addressed. I help you develop a focused and strategic approach to your work, while also improving your work-life harmony. All the while, staying alongside you to ensure accountability.

As a self-employed business owner for over 10 years, I have a deep understanding of the demands and pressures that come with owning a business. I use a very holistic approach to coaching that considers the unique needs and challenges of each individual client, because that is one of the beautiful things about us, no 2 humans are the same. And my coaching program reflects that.   

With my guidance, you learn how to create a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within yourself and your organization. 

I am committed to helping you achieve both personal and professional growth, and a life filled with success and happiness.