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Emily Dallara

  • Success & Business Coach

Emily Dallara

  • Success & Business Coach

Hey, I’m Emily, an AC accredited coach who helps overwhelmed leaders in Web 3 and tech go from burnt out and stuck in a cycle of self-doubt to feeling unshakably confident, focused, doing what they want, when they want.

If you’re reading this, then you might resonate with the following 👇

You never feel good enough

👉That freaking annoying voice in your head keeps telling you that you “don’t know anything”  that you’re literally winging it, and you honestly have no idea how you managed to get this far. 

👉 In fact, you spend most of your time trying to learn more of what you already know, in an attempt to feel like you know what you’re doing.

The self doubt is real…which means…

You’re honestly, exhausted

👉 You’re tired of waking up tired. Sleep is hard to get because your mind won’t stop racing and catastrophizing.

👉 Tired of having your ideas scrapped in meetings because of the ever changing goalposts in your industry.

👉TBH you don’t even speak up in meetings anymore because you’re sure you’ll just get talked over anyway, and you have zero energy to fight for your values and what you know is right.

You’re overwhelmed af

👉You feel like you’re constantly trying to keep your head above water at work or in your business, and all you want, is it be able to breathe.

👉No idea how to manage everything

👉Constantly trying to set goals but never stick to them, because everything else is more important 

Anxiety is your only constant

👉 You feel sick every time you get a slack notification, but you can’t turn them off.

👉 You desperately want to stop checking your phone first thing on a morning, and last thing before bed. It’s not just driving you crazy, but also your partner, dog and kids.

👉 You’re snappy and don’t take feedback well 

You wish you could be a better leader who looks after their team and protects them from stress, but honestly when you feel like this, it’s impossible to inspire and help anyone else.

If this sounds like you…let’s chat.