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Eric Jivraj

  • Life Coach

Hi there, I’m Eric Jivraj and I’m a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach! I was born and raised in Portugal my whole life and then I moved to the UK in 2016 where I have been based ever since. In my entire lifetime I went through a difficult journey where I experienced so many different emotions, feelings, struggles and obstacles and I embraced my personal development journey all these years, and discovered not only more about myself, but more about the world.

Today I have combined my own life experiences, knowledge and wisdom with my learnings from the Jay Shetty Certification School where I learned from Jay Shetty and some of the best supervising coaches in the industry in order to create a coaching approach that can enlighten, empower and elevate you to achieve everything you want in life and more!

If you are…

– Feeling confused, lost and uncertain about certain areas of your life

– Struggling to find purpose and passion within your day-to-day

– Missing meaning and fulfilment in what you are currently doing

– Lacking self-worth, self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence

– Aiming to become happier, more productive and more successful

– Wanting to change your life around so you can create more meaning and feel more fulfilled

– Dreaming of achieving all of your goals and build that beautiful dream life

Then you are in the right place! I’ve been through it all and I’ve overcome those same things, now I want to help you do the same!

Let’s work together to take your life to the most beautiful chapters that you’ve always dreamed of.

You can book a Free Discovery Call with me to find out how we can both work together to turn your dreams into a reality. Go to and book your free call with me!