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Farhaana Ismail

  • Transformative Mindset & Relationship Coach
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Farhaana Ismail

  • Transformative Mindset & Relationship Coach

Hi Beautiful Soul!

Let me start by asking you:

Do feel that something is missing, or something needs an upgrade?

Do you feel  this never ending restlessness that just won’t quit?

Have you lost touch with yourself and who you truly are? Did life, children, family or a career get in the way and the next time you look in the mirror you  can’t even recognise the person reflected back?

I was exactly in the same boat. I’d lost the very sense of my name  Farhaana meaning Happy.  I needed to find myself and extinguish the restlessness inside.

I started out with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and worked as Communications Officer for a Non -Governmental Organisation at the tender age of 22. However, within a couple of years I was burning out because of the stress and pressure of perfectionism that I put on myself. It just wasn’t enough.

Later on,  I was blessed to work as a teacher. Soon enough, the restlessness was back. It just wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough. I continued to seek…

Sometimes we hold a map in our hands but we don’t know how to read it without a guide . There are so many diversions but we often cannot decide or know what route to take. Coaching had an immense impact on my own personal transformational journey with its fluctuating ups and downs giving me direction and peace when I felt I had none. It allowed me to let go of the pain of my past. It was time to pass it forward.

As a coach  my passion is to connect you to your inner magic or power. The first true essence of any relationship is the one with yourself. If the foundations of the relationship with yourself are not set in stone, everything else will waver and tremble. Let me guide you to the life you love instead of one you need to just accept. I’m here to empower you within yourself to learn not to be overwhelmed with situations and emotions. My purpose is to help you dig deep and guide you to break free from the cocoon into the butterfly with your authentic, beautiful soul.

If you feel you want to get your power back and rediscover who you are. Let’s work on that  road map together. Email me at

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