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Hassan Al-Shohaty

  • High Performance Coach for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Hassan Al-Shohaty

  • High Performance Coach for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

After enjoying a successful 15-year career as an investment advisor in the financial sector, working for some of the largest institutions, I discovered my true calling when I contracted Covid-19 in March 2022. During my two-week self-isolation period, away from my wife and two little girls, I took the opportunity to focus on the most important thing: myself!

I was born in Yemen and always had a sense of curiosity since childhood about life, reason and purpose. Society, for me, dictated that men should be providers, and women are carers, which was imprinted in me up until my transformation. I completed my undergraduate and masters degrees in London, and went right into work to begin serving my part as a provider.

My journey took me through the ups and downs of the corporate world and investment industry in specific. I eventually ran and managed a team of capable colleagues and built a successful investment department in one of the largest companies in the world. I’m also blessed to have two lovely daughters, who teach me daily about how to be a better human being. On the surface, everything seemed well, but I felt extremely unfulfilled and sad about my life.

In March of 2022, I contracted Covid-19 and used the self-isolation opportunity as a ‘self-inspiration’ period devoted to deciphering the meaning of stress, trauma, and the connection between mind and body. I read books by Dr. Gabor Maté and watched thought-provoking documentaries about the subjects.

I was already on a transformational journey before my self-isolation period and took advantage of uninterrupted meditation without any time constraints in an effort to see what my true calling was. While meditating one day, I saw the word SOLVE clearly written in front of me. Perplexed, because I thought my purpose as a father, husband, and man was to provide, the word didn’t settle well with me. The next day, I came across a podcast episode with the author of a book called, ‘Solve for Happy’, which took my transformation process to the next level.

Up until that point, I had lived my life doing everything in my capacity, and to a more significant extent even beyond my capability, to satisfy my urge for validation and recognition. I was and still sometimes am a people pleaser. I used to rage about any potential feelings of abandonment, which I came to learn were connected to my upbringing, and I became aware that I was a traumatized adult looking for attention.

Coming out of self-isolation, my journey brought me to writing a book, a fictional story about a boy who was emotionally abused as a child and becomes a mentally challenged adult. I’m writing the book as you read this, and I’m aiming to publish it by the end of this year.

The book’s aim is to rattle stereotypical misconceptions about men’s general well-being and mental health in particular. It aims to raise awareness of the critical importance of childhood upbringing to brain development and to highlight that men also suffer from mental illnesses.

The book sparked my realization about my true purpose in life and transformed my being from servicing financial clients and managing investment portfolios, to being a coach for executives, and anyone looking for empowerment to live a thriving and fulfilling life with ease and balance.

I gave up my career to focus all my time and energy on my realized true purpose, and I made a conscious decision to dedicate my life to this calling. I’m driven to help through personal experience and practical well-being tips and habits that I accumulated over my life of learning. 

Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my message to help you find your true self, and live every day as the most important day of your life, at home, at work, and everywhere.