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Helena Reis

  • Life & Empowerment Coach

Helena Reis

  • Life & Empowerment Coach

I’m originally from the enchanting Madeira Island, and spent nearly 5 transformative years in the vibrant city of Barcelona, where I expanded both my professional horizons and personal growth. At the moment I am based in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. 

My journey is marked by relentless pursuit and a wealth of experience across various industries, making me a quick learner and highly adaptable to any challenge that comes my way. I am unwavering in my commitment to always giving 150%, and I am confident that I will make a profound difference working alongside you.

With a strong background in remote work, I have successfully managed teams, projects, and a multitude of administrative tasks over the years. My expertise extends to the corporate world, where I’ve diligently managed agendas, schedules, and overseen multiple departments. 

Personal development has been the compass guiding my journey. I believe that my diverse experiences and steadfast work ethic have endowed me with unique insights and skills to inspire and assist others. I am deeply devoted to helping people find their own paths with confidence and clarity.

The myriad professional experiences I’ve encountered are a testament to my perseverance, dedication, and the privilege of being invited to join numerous pioneering projects by the entrepreneurs and CEOs I’ve met along the way.

These rich experiences not only catalyzed my personal growth but also molded my vision to empower others. As a Life & Empowerment Coach, I am committed to helping individuals unleash their fullest potential and create lives filled with purpose and fulfillment. I eagerly look forward to working with you and supporting your journey towards personal and professional triumphs.