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Jason Cornillez

  • Self-Care | Empowerment | Transformational Coach

Jason Cornillez

  • Self-Care | Empowerment | Transformational Coach

My area of specialization and what brings me the most joy is Self-Care, Empowerment and Transformational Coaching. My primary focus is on making people aware of taking care of themselves so that they can live not only a structured stable life… but a beautiful life. All it takes is the decision to take that small step. I will take you on a journey of mindfulness, awareness, self-care, empowerment and ultimately transformation. Feeling stuck? Feeling stressed? I will walk alongside you as we journey to find your algorithm to get unstuck. To get unstressed.

My own journey and transformation really has been one rooted in my own self-care in the past 5 years as I experienced grief with the loss of family members but also the grief of shedding my old self and transforming to my best self. I was working a corporate job I didn’t love, I didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror, family members were dying around me, and realizing that our time and our health are the most important things in our life. So I made a decision to start putting my self-care at the forefront. From there, it was really just a physical, mental and spiritual path that I have been on.  I’m a father of 3 kids and my mantra has always been “my kids are always watching.” If they see me being able to handle my emotions, communicate and articulate my feelings out loud, and ultimately taking the time for myself to love and care for me… then who better to learn that from.

When the Pandemic hit, you could see the effects of how it created so much stress, frustration, and anger in people. Stress was, and still is a major issue in this world.  It’s a universal and human issue. People will always to some degree, feel lost, feel stressed, feel stuck. According to the research, it shows that practicing a self-care routine would reduce stress. It can give happiness to people. It can even cure physical ailments. How would you feel if you knew you can reduce illness by having a self-care routine? Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my days of frustration, anger, and stuckness, but I am able to identify the emotions related to my behaviors and I believe in my ability to comfort myself during times of distress.  I have built these self-care systems around myself to cope with my stress, frustration and uncertainty and I want to be able to help people with their own version of self-care so they can begin to accept themselves, be grateful for how far they have come, and recognize that they could be better.

“If you are not taking care of your wellness then you need to make time for your illness.”
-Jay Shetty

I cannot wait to connect with you.