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Jayashree Kadam

  • Life and Success Coach

Jayashree Kadam

  • Life and Success Coach

I came in coaching with a vision of building a community of people, where they can help each other for reaching their maximum potential in their personal or professional lives and not end up feeling lonely, stressed, and kind of a loser. Because I know how it feels when no one is there to listen to you, to understand you. I went through those struggles and emotions.

But I came out of it, I believed in myself. I built that confidence which allowed me to be myself and walk my journey the way I want. And guess what? I made it. I achieved what I aimed for. Because I found a great coach who guided me throughout my journey and helped me find my inner strengths.

I don’t know what you are going through right now. But if you need someone to listen to you without any judgment, who can understand your values, who can help you to build that self-confidence and self-belief so you can walk towards that desired goal of yours in your personal or professional life then I can help you as a coach.

Everyone wants to be successful in something. And everyone relates to it in different ways. For someone who loves cooking making a perfect dish is a success. For someone who works in the company getting a promotion is a success. And for me, finding my real purpose, which is to serve people, and finally achieving that coaching status was a success.

My free discovery call of 45 minutes can be like a light at the end of your tunnel, which will take you deep inside and open the door of lots of opportunities to become successful and bring balance to your life.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you.