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Jillian Laudano

  • Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer

Jillian Laudano

  • Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer

Jillian Laudano is an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer

Her holistic approach to living your soul’s purpose is something she is extremely passionate about and feels honored to be able to walk with others on their own personal transformation journey. She was intuitively called to do this work, and holds this divine calling near and dear to her heart.

Jillian holds a degree in communications with minors in psychology and photography. She is a Globally Certified Life and Success Coach through the Jay Shetty Certification School, a Master Level Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Sound Healer, and Spiritual Mentor.

Jillian helps guide her clients within to tap into their inner knowing, and begin to live a life that feels aligned.

Jillian’s signature ANGEL Approach is a framework she implements into her coaching experiences to guide and assist her clients throughout their journey to holistic success.

Jillian has manifested amazing things in her life from unconditional love, massive success, happiness, abundance, and miraculous healing.  She has seen firsthand the power we have within to create the life of our dreams, and achieve any goal we set. She’s passionate about helping others achieve their unique souls purpose and live a life that feels aligned with their highest self.

Her goal is to shine her light, share her gifts, and always serve others from a place of love, gratitude, safety, support, and non judgement.