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Joan Cantu

  • Courage and Mindset Coach

Joan Cantu

  • Courage and Mindset Coach

I empower women 25-50 to conquers their fears by equipping them with tailored strategies matching their unique needs to manage stress and anxiety enabling them to be the best version of themselves and rise into life of triumph. 

Why 25-50? I was raised by my grandmother. 

Why Fear? Growing up I live with fear, it showed up to me in every form in my childhood in my life. Because of the abuse, neglect abandonment, alone I can go on and on. Reflecting back I can not even fathom how I managed to get through it. But I can tell you, it was all about my courage my resilience and my mindset. And a better understanding of fear. 

This was me, and if this is you, then I am your Coach!!!

“I fear becoming like the woman who raised me. She was harsh, cold, unloving, unfeeling. She was one of the most bitter and unhappiest people I’ve ever known. I never want the years that she influenced my life to influence who I’ve become and who I will be.” 

“I fear not being a good enough daughter. I gave up on “perfect daughter” long ago, but “good enough” may be attainable. I just know I don’t want to fail my parents. I hope I become a better daughter than I ever hoped I’d be.”

“I fear disappointing myself. I’m not much for the opinions of others, but I have very specific ideals for I should live my life, and not living up to them is a fear I have. I am a perfectionist in that regard.”

“I fear falling in love alone. Rejection is such a painful feeling. I felt it keenly, deeply, after my first husband stopped loving me. And while I have dated since then, and I have cared deeply for people, I have not loved someone to the extent of my former husband, mainly because I’m afraid. I’m afraid of being hurt again. I’m afraid of rejection, of abandonment, of coldness. I’m afraid of someone shattering my heart again. I want to find the right man and love him with all of my being. I just want to know he’ll love me too.” 

How do we start? 

Life coaching is a collaborative process aimed at personal development and growth as well as positive life changes. It typically begins with an initial assessment session, where the coach and client establish goals and assess compatibility. Book a complementary call.

Goal setting is a fundamental part of the process, with clients defining their objectives in various life areas. I help create actionable plans, outlining milestones and potential roadblocks. Accountability is key, with regular check-ins to ensure progress.

Throughout the coaching relationship, clients receive support, guidance, and tools to overcome challenges. Self-discovery and reflection play a significant role, enhancing self-awareness. I offer positive reinforcement to motivate clients and celebrate achievements. 

The coaching process is flexible, with regular evaluations and plan adjustments. I value professionalism, confidentiality, compassion and creativity in my work. Closure marks the end of the coaching relationship, but follow-up sessions can be offered for continued support. Clients become better equipped to stay motivated, gain clarity, focus, empowered mindset and overcome challenges, and build resilience as they work toward their desired outcomes in life.

My coaching package includes one-on-one sessions weekly over 6 weeks, 3-months, 6-months and 9-months with each session lasting 60 minutes. Allow me to guide you in transforming your mindset, let’s work intentionally, accountability, and know that you are powerful.


With Love