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Kate-Lynn Brookes

  • Transition & Confidence Coach

Kate-Lynn Brookes

  • Transition & Confidence Coach

Kate-Lynn is a Transition & Confidence Coach as well as a licensed Pharmacy Technician for the past 15 years across multiple states in the US. Currently residing in South Florida, Kate-Lynn has developed her coaching skills while still remaining on the front lines of the pandemic saving money for patients on their medicine, conducting tests, and facilitating vaccine administration.

While Kate-Lynn knew she wanted to help people in a more impactful way in her local community, the pandemic made it a more profound calling to step out from behind the counter and help people regain their sense of empowerment. It was clear that people of all types are losing their sense of self and unable to transition into the ways the world has been coping. It became evident that change and adapting to new things occurs almost everywhere and anytime, on some level.

Examples of transitions include but are not limited to:
Small scale changes
● Mindset in breaking bad habits
● Starting and completing projects/ tasks
● Quitting smoking
● Developing and utilizing a budget
● Increasing patience and developing emotional intelligence

Big adaptations like altering lifestyles such as,
● Retiring/ reentering workforce
● Starting a family/ empty nest syndrome
● Changing careers or job title
● Reentering society from the military or incarceration/ leaving society.

The pandemic has created the need or desire for certain changes as well as others you may already be immersed in or considering to start.

Coach Kate can work with you not only to gain clarity during times of uncertainty or self identification, but to regain a sense of control and self that ultimately results in reduction of regrettable decisions, more satisfying progress in less time, and longevity as life quality begins to transform from poor or fair to great. Change is everywhere! Don’t let it stop you from living.