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Kathy Davidson

  • Transformational and Life Purpose Coach

Kathy Davidson

  • Transformational and Life Purpose Coach

Hi I’m Kathy, have been a physical therapist for 30 years and now following my passion as a Transformational and Life Purpose Coach.

Purpose, Transformation, Empowerment, Mindset

Are you ready to create the life you dream of? I help clients rediscover their purpose and passion in life?  If you are ready to transform your life and create joy and peace and authenticity, let’s connect.

My approach is to show up and listen actively to be a witness to your true self and help you reconnect with the wisdom within

Do you find yourself yearning for a deeper purpose and meaning of life, but feel like you are stuck in a career or place in life?

Are you ready to make BIG changes, uncover deeper purpose, and lead a fulfilling joyful life?

Together with my powerful guidance towards transformation and your willingness to do your inner work, you can begin to break old patterns, free yourself from anxiety and depression and start taking action towards your goals and aspirations

I help individuals face their fears and let go of whatever is holding them back, and help you reach your dreams

With me as your coach you will be empowered to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the future of possibility


Eckhart Tolle quote- ” If you get the inside right, the outside with fall into place”
What to expect
Clarity, build confidence, focus, attention, less mind clutter
I offer 12 session package or custom packages