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Kevin Desmetz

  • Life & Succes Coach

We all have goals we aim to achieve or challenges we strive to overcome. But what’s your goal or challenge? More peace, less stress, more fulfillment, less time wasted, more happiness, less worrying? Whether it’s personal, relational, or professional, I’m here to help you find those answers.


– Better stress management
– Reduced anxiety
– Increased productivity and energy
– Enhanced enjoyment of life
– Improved relationships and communication
– Tackling procrastination
– Becoming happier
– Worrying less
– More control over your emotions
– Greater self-confidence and resilience

Working with an experienced coach can unlock your full potential and set you on a path to thrive personally and professionally. With over 10 years of experience, trained by the world’s top mentors, I’ve been working as a certified Life Coach since 2013. Specializing in helping individuals identify and achieve their personal goals, I support you in tapping into your power to face issues causing concern, anxiety, or stress. I take immense pride in my clients’ progress and success and look forward to helping you as well.

Topics we can explore include personal growth, assertiveness, self-confidence, burn-out (and prevention), life questions, spirituality, despondency, stress management (learning to relax), and achieving specific goals.

I employ various therapeutic approaches, which may intertwine:

– Conversational therapy
– Coaching
– Mindfulness – ACT – Buddhist Psychology

You can also learn specific techniques for:

– Relaxation
– Breath relaxation
– Relaxation exercises
– Meditation (certified “Shiné – Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation” teacher)
– Mindfulness training (certified)
– Meditative movement
– Tog Chöd (certified teacher)
– Shiné – Mindfulness (certified teacher)

As a certified “Jay Shetty Coach” with an international postgraduate diploma in Coaching and Leadership, I’m here to support you in your journey toward less stress and deeper personal happiness. With 11 recognized Belgian diplomas in life coaching and burn-out coaching and as a proud active member of the International Coaching Federation – both internationally and with ICF Belgium – I offer a holistic approach to enhancing your well-being. My specialization in Buddhist Psychology, certified by the prestigious Nangten Menlang Buddhist Medical Center, enables me to guide you towards a life of inner peace and fulfillment. Let me be your guide on the path to well-being and authentic personal growth.