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Kimberly Vercillo

  • Life/Mindset/Clarity Coach

Kimberly Vercillo

  • Life/Mindset/Clarity Coach

Kimberly’s “soul” purpose in life is to become the very best version of herself and also to continue to grow in heart and wisdom to help others to do the same. Each day there is the opportunity to grow in some small way, and it is her intention to be open to all those possibilities.

Kimberly has been blessed to be a mom which will forever be her biggest blessing. Watching her children become their own amazing unique selves is exciting. She knows they possess the strength, wisdom, heart and courage to continue to become incredible humans.

With an educational background in psychology and counseling (B.A. and M.S.) she has a solid foundation for understanding human behavior, yet her passion is not found so much in the books but in interacting with humanity in person.

Kimberly’s belief system is that we all have the capacity to grow and that the “mistakes” or “poor decisions” along the way are lessons on the journey to awakening. What is “awakening” to her? It is stepping into our full potential as a human to live open-hearted, without fear and a curious capacity with a desire to grow, serve, support and inspire others. In essence … to love .. and laugh!

Prior to becoming a Life/Mindset/Clarity coach, Kimberly had a 13-year career in the cosmetics and fragrance industry which allowed her to travel and meet a diversity of people. She also had an 11-year career as a General Manager of a Sports Performance Company where they trained athletes from youth to pro. Again, another fantastic opportunity to be immersed in diversity and an energetic lifestyle.

Favorite ways for Kimberly to spend down time? Exercising, time in nature, music, painting, photography, listening to podcasts and enjoying friends and family.


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