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Laila Stancioff

  • Transformation for women who are "sick of it"

Laila Stancioff

  • Transformation for women who are "sick of it"

We all want our dream life, but what does this even mean? This is a very personal question that only you can answer for yourself – and only when you know yourself deeply.

I have had a great deal of transformation in my own life. I come from a catholic family, the second of six kids. As the first daughter, I grew up with responsibilities and expectations, which collapsed when I joined an international religious organization, Opus Dei. Despite the resistance from family and close friends, there I dedicated every free minute of my day to the calling I believed I had while advancing my career in process management at European and International levels.

While in Opus Dei, I moved from Brazil to Latvia, after my family roots, and discovered an entirely different dimension of my personality related to my origins and to what extent I am still Brazilian. After 12 years of celibacy and a long and painful decision process, I left the organization.

It was the beginning of the pandemic, and I had only one salary in my bank account. I rented my first apartment – a 16 m2 studio – and started rebuilding my life. Between changes like going on dates after so many years and living by myself for the first time, I thoroughly analyzed and rebuilt my belief system.

After a year, I had bought my own apartment. After two, no one could tell what I had gone through only 2 years before. Presently, I have my own business and am married, with three stepdaughters – one older than me.

Through these changes, I was not just looking for my purpose. I simply wanted to be me and stand by my own choices, however non-traditional they might sound.

I believe true transformation is rooted in discovering yourself. Once you know who you are, then you can identify what it is that you truly desire and build your life the way you want it.

My personal experience made me very sensitive to what we have around and inside of us: beliefs of what we should do, people’s expectations, and the threats that we won’t be accepted or lovable if we deviate from them. I have learned that these beliefs are limiting and just noise – they are not who we are. Unfortunately, more often than not, they stop us from taking action to bring ourselves into the world. Identifying the noise and finally finding your own voice is core to any real transformation in our lives.

Once you know who you are, you can grow in the direction you set for yourself. My experience working with people and processes, both in the corporate world and the third sector, and the many shifts I had in my own life, gave me the knowledge and skills to not only dream about how life should look but turn it into a plan and reality. As my work became more and more people-focused, I found my way into becoming a transformational coach.

Now I share my story, because I want to act as living proof that you have the right to be yourself and that when you Find-U, being Simply-U is more than enough. And I want to help as many women as I can to live this same joy.

I am here to tell you that, if you really want it, you can do it. And to accompany you in this process.

I am working towards a world where people are allowed and empowered to find and be themselves. I do this by supporting women through transformational coaching to go through the journey of finding their own voice and restructuring their lives to be able to manifest it.