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Laura Dunlap

  • Life and Empowerment Coach

Laura Dunlap

  • Life and Empowerment Coach

Can you imagine a world where people wake up energized, fueled by excitement and optimism about the day ahead?

I certainly do now – but that wasn’t always the case for me.  Midlife had me facing some serious life transitions and it felt as though everything was unraveling at the seams.  The coping mechanisms that I had cultivated for more than half my life were no longer working for me.

As the mother of two boys, I anticipated life as an empty-nester and was already feeling a loss of my purpose in life. After a major move, the sudden loss of a parent followed by a series of other significant losses, I was left feeling overwhelmed with grief, anxiety, and no clear vision of my future to pull me forward. I lost enthusiasm and passion for my career and the life I had created over two decades. And as my physical health began to decline.  I knew I needed to do something different.

A life coach helped me overcome my challenges, rewrite my story, and chart a new course in life.

Now it is my mission to help people who are struggling adapting to a new stage in life.  As a Life Coach my aim is to empower individuals to embrace change so that they can face their lives in a new way – with confidence, enthusiasm, and renewed purpose and thrive in the next phase of their journey.

My coaching approach focuses on 

  • developing self-awareness, 
  • building emotional agility and trust in oneself 
  • mindfulness
  • helping individuals align with their values and goals. 

As both your partner and guide, I will help you chart a course for personal growth. Together we’ll set you on the path to the outcome you want; inspiring you to act, motivating you toward your goals, and mastering skills needed. 

I offer a 1:1 coaching program that is tailored to the individual recognizing that each person’s journey, challenges, and goals are as unique as they are and so are their learning and communication style. 

I use proven tools and strategies to help you:

  • upgrade your mindset and tap into your potential, 
  • let go of fear and self-doubt, 
  • improve your emotional IQ.
  • challenge limiting beliefs. 
  • Build resiliency.
  • lead a life with courage and possibility.

More about my story: I’m a mom of two beautiful souls.  My work life spans over 36 years. I began my career as a professional in the court system helping at-risk youth involved in the legal system with their recovery and rehabilitation. Later, I managed people and developed programs to help those in distress resolve their disputes and find justice. After becoming a mom, I started my own real estate practice. And for over 26 years while raising my kids I have coached hundreds of families through one of the stressful times in their lives, buying or selling a home/business and moving. While I’ve had a varied career, the common thread is my passion for helping people reach their highest potential and ideal lifestyle.

Please contact me to learn more about my services and book a complimentary consultation.  And remember to follow me on social.