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Lea Weiss

  • Confidence and Integrity Coach

Lea Weiss

  • Confidence and Integrity Coach

Do you feel anxious or overwhelmed living up to other people’s expectations? Do you play small and hide because of the negative self-talk in your head telling you that you’re not good enough? Do you feel held back by self-doubt and have trouble speaking up for yourself? Do you feel guilty taking time for yourself?

Hi, my name is Lea and I’ve spent most of my life believing I’m not good enough. I felt lost, looking for direction and external validation. I wasn’t sure who I was and felt deeply disconnected inside. Over the last 4 years I’ve worked hard. I gave up who I thought I am supposed to be and stepped into fully being myself. I’ve gained self-awareness and got to know myself on a deeper level. Now I know who I am and I love who I am. I developed true confidence and self-worth. I learned to set boundaries, speak up for myself and feel my emotions. I learnt to take action despite fear and find comfort in discomfort. I built a healthy dialogue with myself.

And you can do this too.

I create space for you to.. the confidence and self esteem to create a life on your own terms that feels fulfilling and aligned

..understand your own values and needs and how to listen to them so your actions are a reflection of who want to be rather than who you think you should be

..learn to speak unapologetically and set healthy boundaries around your time, energy and space

..understand your values and connect to your intuition to live in integrity, authenticity and alignment

..develop emotional intelligence to navigate feelings that come up and use them as valuable insights to take action

..stop living up to other people’s expectations and feel empowered to express and show yourself

..overcome procrastination and limiting beliefs by understanding what is really holding you back

Book a free discovery call through my calendar or message me on Instagram to chat. I can’t wait to see you grow!