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Lee Ann Lopez Wagner

  • Life Coach

Lee Ann Lopez Wagner

  • Life Coach

Welcome! If you are already here, I celebrate with you for taking the first step to finding a coach that fits into your life.

As a transformed soul myself, I know the challenges you go through, your silent pains and doubts, the constant questioning, and the inner voice constantly putting you down. That is why I can attest to how a transformation is possible in your life right now.

I tried therapy, and it didn’t work, probably because I wasn’t ready, but after only four coaching sessions, I discovered my limiting beliefs and was able to move forward from unattended pain to forgiveness and acceptance. 

Powerful questions, rising insights, and reflection are a few of the tools we will be using to unlock your potential. The greatest news is, you already have it in you to shine and thrive, we just must clear the path from distractions and noises for you to see it clearly again.

I love my career as a coach because my mission is to serve and help you transition from where you are to where you want to be. I believe in you, and so should you.

Reach out and let’s start the journey!