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Linda Preise

  • Self Mastery & Wellness Coach

Linda Preise

  • Self Mastery & Wellness Coach

Hi, I’m Linda Preise, a certified Life & Success Coach, born-and-raised Latvian girl with deep passion, interest and curiosity in human development, individual realization and potential. After some time of learning and practicing now I can confidently say that I have an understanding of self-improvement and personal development. I am here to motivate, encourage and guide you to your personal achievements!  

My mission is to help you become aware of your everyday challenges, thoughts and emotions, to discover your authentic/unique personality and potential according to your individual values, build self-confidence, and help you embrace your true nature.

I am not a person who simply shares the acquired theoretical knowledge, I am a person who has personally experienced significant transformation of the way of thinking in order to be able to feel confident, released and happy. Every day I continue to learn and practice in order to become a better version of myself and to know that I do my best to share the most valuable information with others.

The spectrum of the coaching industry is wide and includes various directions (there are business, relationship, nutrition, well-being, finance, etc. coaches), although life coaching is based on unified development principles and strategies, over time I have realized that my biggest motivation and ability is to work with people who wants to:

  • introduce healthy habits/change daily habits;
  • build self mastery, which includes the ability to understand, control and regulate one’s emotions and impulses, with the aim of realizing one’s potential.
  • transform mindset, create growth and abundance mindset;
  • Building self-confidence and accepting one’s authentic self;
  • improve wellness and mental health.