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Lisa Robles

  • Career Coach

Lisa Robles

  • Career Coach

Hi! My name is Lisa and I am a certified Jay Sheety Life Coach. I have spent many years in corporate developing leaders and creating career progression plans.

As a Life Coach, I am dedicated to helping people live a Purpose Driven Life within their current circumstances.

Are you the heavy lifter in your life? The one that everyone at work goes to. The one that everyone at home relies on. The trusted advisor to your friends. Do you feel like you live a good life, but you know that you are not always able to be yourself or that you are not living in your deep purpose? Your life is already full, sometimes overwhelming and you cannot imagine adding one more thing to your plate?

I completely understand! I am here to make the process easier. I am here to encourage and challenge you. I am here to help you see what is possible and together we work on that transformation.

When you work with me, we start with an online survey that allows me to understand your natural style, not the one people tell you to be. I want to know how you make decisions and deal with problems. How do you interact with people, what pace do you feel comfortable working at, and how much structure do you enjoy?

Your plan is tailored to you with the life you have now. We look at what is working and remove what is no longer serving you.

I can’t wait to meet you and begin this journey to your Purpose Driven Life together!