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Liz Cresci

  • Clarity & Growth for You & Your Business Coach
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Liz Cresci

  • Clarity & Growth for You & Your Business Coach

Know something needs to change?  Perhaps you know there is more to living life than what you have currently been doing … Maybe you have been running your own business for a bit and now you have hit a plateau.

Regardless of why you are here, I am glad that you are.

My name is Liz, I am a clarity & growth coach specializing in new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

These are the folks who want to forge their own path, get creative and craft their own unique way of living.  Being an entrepreneur is more a state of mind, than anything else.  Ideas are everywhere, having the courage to do something with those ideas is what lives at their heart. They are creative, forward-thinking, solutions and growth-oriented people who love to design things their way.

It is about taking an idea, fleshing it out, creating the action plan and watching your “baby” come into existence. It does not have to be for profit, heck, it does not even have to be a stand-alone business.

Growing up I was surrounded by innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and people who forged their own paths.

While it is fun to create these opportunities for myself, I really enjoy helping others see their way through their own obstacles, expanding on their ideas and realizing their goals and dreams. Along the way, I also love to put synergistic people together and watch the magic happen.

I truly believe it “takes a village” to be successful.  Come on let’s go!

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