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Lorena Garfi

  • Authenticity Coach

Hi! I’m Lorena, and as an authenticity coach, I am here to help you uncover your true self. sometimes we get lost in the requirements of society, motherhood, marriage, and careers and we believe that neglecting ourselves is a grandiose gesture, and if we don’t put others first we are selfish and unloving. We often live our life wearing a mask, pretending to be someone else, hiding who we truly are pleasing others caring about others’ opinions, forgetting our dreams needs, and desires, and feeling trapped unsatisfied, and resentful.

Does this sound familiar? 

Well, I have good news for you, I am here to inspire you to start a new chapter in your life, connect with your purpose, express yourself, find the confidence and courage to take control of your life, conquer your dreams, and shine your light to others so they too can discover that their truth and manifest their wildest dreams.

 A  little bit about me,

 As a former fashion model and stand-up comedian, I have seen firsthand how not being true to yourself can profoundly impact your life, getting caught up in the pursuit of success, beauty, and fame. In the process, we lose touch with what matters most, the connection to ourselves and the world around us. We disconnect from our own life, And no matter how perfect our life looks from the outside, on the inside we struggle with feelings of emptiness and disconnection.

Are you ready to answer your heart’s call and harmonize your life structure so you may leave the life you always dream of? 

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